Sample Program

Agile Retreat offers premium all-inclusive professional on-site training, coaching and mentoring vacation to help organizations develop those people into well formed Agile Teams that become innovation engines of extraordinary value. Our programs consist on a 4-5 days in a high-end resort in which the team will be subject to intensive activities to develop they Agile skills. These activities are tailored specifically to meet and achieve your desired organizational needs and outcomes.

The Agile Retreat consolidates training, coaching and mentoring into the program, developing tools that draw people out of their comfort zones and will challenge them to work together, communicate, and trust each other in new and exciting ways.

Our program offers a full range of activities that combines leisure as well as learning. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

‣ Understanding Why Agile
‣ Agile Practices (Scrum,XP,...) Lean
‣ Personal Kanban
‣ Soft Skills
‣ Agile Team Building
‣ Brainstorming
‣ Self-Improvement
‣ Sports Activities
‣ Entertainment Activities
‣ Problem Solving Exercises
‣ Intensive On-Site Workshops
‣ Communication

At the heart of Agile, is the notion of the team. As part of the Agile Retreat, participants will also benefit from our Agile Team Building experience focused in strengthening your team, and unite them, develop strengths, and address weaknesses.

Our Agile Team Building based approach provides participants a means of articulating potentially sensitive ideas and concerns in a manner that is non-confrontational and threatening so that they may begin to rationally decide which parts of their identities best serve the team, and which parts may benefit the team less.