Agile Retreat consolidates training, coaching and mentoring into the program, developing tools that draw people out of their comfort zones and will challenge them to work together, communicate, and trust each other in new and exciting ways. Our goal is to help individual, teams and organizations leverage Agile and Lean to meet their goals through Agile principles and practices.

Agile Retreat will take your business development further and faster than any other method. Your business will receive priceless clean, pure, sensory-based feedback from our Coaches, helping develop your Team skills further, change their behaviors and attitudes and enhance their skills and thinking.

We offer premium all-inclusive professional on-site training, coaching and mentoring vacation to help organizations develop those people into well formed Agile Teams that become innovation engines of extraordinary value. Our programs consist of a 4 to 5 day package in a high-end resort in which the team will be subject to intensive activities to develop their Agile skills. These activities are tailored specifically to meet and achieve your desired organizational needs and outcomes.


Different people have different learning methods that are suitable to them. Some prefer to learn reading about things (Visual), others prefer to learn by practicing (Kinesthetic), while others likes to listen to people to talk about things (Auditory). But which one is best? The reality is that it depends really on the person. How we learn depends on our senses to process the information that surround us. People has a mix of learning styles with tendency to use one more than the other.

Agile Retreat was founded with the understanding that learning is not confined to the classroom or to just one single method. We believe the best way of learning is by combining all learning methods in a way that can appeal to our brain as it process and stores the information.

Why Agile?

Technology is changing the world extremely fast and has become a huge part of our lives. Agile it came to be because of the challenges within software development. Projects were taking too long to deliver anything, and it was a need to make development more adaptive and iterative. Out of these challenges within software development, Agile was born and the principles were written in the Agile Manifesto back in February 2001 at a summit of seventeen independent-minded practitioners of several programming methodologies.

In today’s world, especially in Internet related projects there is a need to deliver projects fast and often. Agile allows you to deliver continuous business value much faster and it also ensures that the value lasts over time. It also allows you to catch mistakes and failures much quicker than you would do using other approaches.