Meet The Awesome Coaches

Madagui Forest Resort

Below you can find a list of our coaches for the Agile Retreat 2013 - Vietnam that takes place from September 25 to 29, 2013. For questions about how to become a coach for one of the Agile Retreat events, please contact us.

  • Kiro Harada - Agile Coach Expert

    Kiro Harada Kiro Harada Introduction

    Lean and Toyota Production System Expert (TPS)

    Kiro Harada is a supply chain management consultant, domain-driven design practitioner and agile coach. With chemical engineering background, he has been an agile/lean practitioner both in manufacturing and software industries. Recently, he's been working on improving automobile parts procurement systems.

  • Duong Trong Tan - Managing Director, FPT University

    Duong Trong Tan Duong Trong Tan Introduction

    Managing Director, FPT University

    Duong Trong Tan has several years developing software and training software development courses at FPT Aptech Computer Education centers and FPT University before he became the Academic Head of FPT Aptech Computer Education in Hanoi, where he is responsible for the strategic development of the academic courses, quality and learning experience.

    He is also the co-founder of HanoiScrum Group which facilitates the development of agile community in Vietnam.

  • Yi Xu - Senior Agile Consultant, Conscient Consulting Group

    Yi Xu Yi Xu Introduction

    Senior Agile Consultant, Conscient Consulting Group

    Yi is currently one of the most experienced Agile and Lean coaches in China. Been practicing Agile since 2005, Yi has gained valuable experience while coaching fortune 500 companies such as Nokia Mobile Phones, HP Enterprise Services, former Nokia Networks (core member of the first two Agile pilot projects at former Nokia Networks China; 500+ people Agile Transformation; member of the Flexible Company team), and WistronITS. Yi has also strong experience coaching organizations of state-owned Chinese enterprises, internet companies and networking companies.