9,888,000 ₫ VND All-Inclusive!

Why Should You Join?

Agile Retreat helps individual and organizations implement high-performance Agile and Lean Thinking by providing expert coaching, training and mentoring in a vacation environment. Our upcoming Agile Retreat 2013 consist of a 5 day, 4 nights all-inclusive package in a high-end resort in which participants will be subject to intensive activities to develop their Agile skills.

We offer an oustanding benefits package to each participant such as:

‣ All-Inclusive Vacation Package in a High-End Resort (Madagui Forest Resort, Dalat)
‣ Full transportation from and to the resort from Ho Chi Minh City
‣ Training, Coaching and Mentoring (Meet the awesome Coaches)
‣ Agile Team Building
‣ Building Confidence
‣ Positive Mental Attitude
‣ Leadership Development
‣ Increasing mental focus

The total cost of the upcoming Agile Retreat on September 25 to 29, 2013 is 9,888,000 ₫ VND. This price includes return transportation to the resort from Ho Chi Minh City as well as the accomodation, food and drinks during the entire stay. Our objective is to reduce the price to participants as much as we can through Sponsorship, so we can bring to each participant the most amazing learning experience at a minimum cost. So the more sponsors we find, the less our participants will pay.